Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Viewpoint Design in Information Systems

Just found "Consistency in multi-viewpoint design of enterprise information systems" by Remco M. Dijkman, Dick A.C. Quartel, and Marten J. van Sinderen. It was published on Information and Software Technology Volume 50, Issues 7-8, June 2008, Pages 737-752.

"Different stakeholders in the design of an enterprise information system have their own view on that design. To help produce a coherent design this paper presents a framework that aids in specifying relations and consistency rules between such views. The contribution of our framework is that it provides a collection of basic concepts. These basic concepts aid in relating viewpoints by providing: (i) a common
terminology that helps stakeholders to understand each others concepts; and (ii) re-usable consistency rules. We show that our framework can be applied, by performing a case study in which we specify the relations and consistency rules between three RMODP viewpoints"

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